Saturday, May 23, 2009

funny incident in 10th std

When I was in 10th std all people around me had some advice ready for me.Do this don't do this.Read notes from xyz classes refer last year question paper and so on.Once some aunty suggested me to refer newly launched book which will help me to tackle unseen passages.My mom went to the shop to buy this book and told the stationary guy to give Sup book.Bookkeeper handed her Sanjeev Kapoor's Soup book.My mom told him ,I am looking for SUP book (Some unseen passage for 10th std).Bookkeeper and my mom both started laughing.When my mom narrated me this incidence I could not control my laughter.
The way we pronounce words give us very different meanings.English has some words which sound the same eg.Sale and Sell,two and too which are referred as homophones.One of my office colleague told me how her kid gets confused with spellings.Her kid is in Lkg and she was teaching her D-o-l-l is doll and B-a-l-l as ball.When her kid managd to rote one spellinng that of a Doll she asked her spelling of Ball to which kid replied B-o-l-l = Ball.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Formation of a City

Let us see how a city is formed.Government takes an initiative to form a city.It starts with developing Special Economic Zone (SEZ) .Where a land is leased out to interested companies at an economical rate.Industries flourish in these areas and government takes care of basic amenities like water and electricity.As more industries start working in these SEZ's need for man power rises.Companies go on hiring spree.People from villages and small town come to city for better opportunities.This is their chance to be a part of growing economy.City is a place where they see their dreams come true.It provides them with not only job assurance but also steady income to sustain their families.
Eventually more people come to grab piece of a pie.As number of new people starts pouring in other things also start developing.New buildings,shops,malls,hospitals,schools come up.To sustain these proliferation government provides with better infrastructure like roads and transport improves.
Purchasing power of people rises and so does their daily needs.
People coming from different places folk together and it becomes a cosmopolitan place.Thus city is formed.I am part of such a formation called "Bangalore".

Saturday, May 9, 2009

zoo zoo ads

HaHaHaHa ,it makes you laugh.Creature which looks like an alien who just underwent a whitewash.Or maybe huge egg fitted with limbs.Zoo zoo ads have demanded my attention.I have seen all videos of zoo zoo on youtube.Definitely, croc Ad is one of my favorite.I like roaming zoo zoo the best where he follows she zoozoo and sings "Issh iKina Issh iKina" with few mithunda type dance steps.Ads are short and funny and there message is clear.Good work by O&M creative team.

mumbai nagariya

Yes, that is where I belong to.City that never sleeps.Every time I visit this city my heart fills with joy .I love everything about mumbai from juhu chowpatty to gateway of India.It is a paradise for food lovers like me.You will get sumptuous chats and various other varities on roadside stalls for decent prices.If you enjoy fine dining list of restaurant is endless. .Diaspora of people you come across is astounding.It is one city where people from all over India have blended together to form its unique culture. It has a unique dialect "mumbaiya hindi" kind of hindi slang.Here all festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm may it be Diwali or Christmas.How can I forget famous Bollywood.They are the ones who entertain us.There is something about this city that leaves you asking for more.

my 1st blog

This is my 1st attempt to write a blog. I would like to blog about my day to day experiences and also share my views about latest happenings. As this is a great platform to share your thoughts.This one I would prefer to keep short.:)