Saturday, May 9, 2009

mumbai nagariya

Yes, that is where I belong to.City that never sleeps.Every time I visit this city my heart fills with joy .I love everything about mumbai from juhu chowpatty to gateway of India.It is a paradise for food lovers like me.You will get sumptuous chats and various other varities on roadside stalls for decent prices.If you enjoy fine dining list of restaurant is endless. .Diaspora of people you come across is astounding.It is one city where people from all over India have blended together to form its unique culture. It has a unique dialect "mumbaiya hindi" kind of hindi slang.Here all festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm may it be Diwali or Christmas.How can I forget famous Bollywood.They are the ones who entertain us.There is something about this city that leaves you asking for more.


  1. Yes Mumbai city that never sleeps. very true!!! an amzing place to be. great varieties of food. one will never starve here. even in the late hours of night u will find some stalls where u can eat :) a nice thing when u are drunk and all the good restaurants are closed, these small stalls are your saviours.

  2. Everyone would probably start writing a blog as comments on this topic :D LOLZ... Everything said is just true about the city. It never sleeps but it never gives up either whatsoever :)