Saturday, May 9, 2009

zoo zoo ads

HaHaHaHa ,it makes you laugh.Creature which looks like an alien who just underwent a whitewash.Or maybe huge egg fitted with limbs.Zoo zoo ads have demanded my attention.I have seen all videos of zoo zoo on youtube.Definitely, croc Ad is one of my favorite.I like roaming zoo zoo the best where he follows she zoozoo and sings "Issh iKina Issh iKina" with few mithunda type dance steps.Ads are short and funny and there message is clear.Good work by O&M creative team.


  1. Indeed. ZooZoos had made us for got that tiny cute famous 'hutch-dog'. One of my all time favorite ads. Hats-off to O&M's creatiwitty :-)

  2. I love the vodafone jokes zoo zoo ad.

    Where the zoo-zoo is being heated in a pot and he suddenly bursts into laughter.